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Loyalty Points - How it works

When you order you will be credited automatically, the points that you can convert, at any time, in vouchers to use for your orders.
For every 10 euro spent you will receive 1 point and each point is worth 0.20 euro discount.
For example if you place an order of $ 100 will receive 10 points which, when converted into discount coupon will have a value of 2 euros.
Of course you can accumulate points more orders to increase the value of the voucher.

How to activate Bonus Points
You must not do anything because Bonus Points are activated automatically when creating your account and you can, at any time, see the account balance by clicking on the link My loyalty points in the panel of your account.

How to use the points
When viewing a product, you can notice the points, with its value, you can earn by making the purchase.
In the shopping cart page, however, there are shown the total points you can accumulate confirming the order.
After confirming the order the points are, automatically credited to your loyalty account and become available (to be converted into vouchers) once the order is closed (so paid and delivered).
Upon reaching a voucher of 5 euro (then a charge of 250 euros), you can redeem points for coupons and use them for subsequent orders.
Also remember to use the coupons, by entering the coupon code in the box, because the task is not done automatically.


Sponsor a friend and get 5 Euro!

How it works:

1) Login on and use your account to access your profile:

2) Place an order and you will have access to the "Program References" and then fill in all fields and validation of the program:

3) After validating your friends will receive an email invitation to participate in the program and references will be instantly rewarded with a discount of 5 euros, as soon as your sponsored friend will place an order you will also receive a voucher for € 5! !